Unparalleled Setup

With an impressive production capacity, our weaving department is all geared up to face the challenges of the textile industry. Our weaving unit is equipped with Vamatex Dyna Terry Looms; a highly sophisticated and an advanced set of technology. This enables us to keep our produce in lieu with our customers’ requirements. Our weaving facilities, coupled with our use of US Pima and Egyptian cotton, give us an edge in producing high-end terry.

Our custom-built weaving facility is supported by the most modern yarn preparation equipment that is positioned in line with international standards. All the looms are equipped with the latest data management systems and constantly control and monitor the efficiency of the looms which is comparable with the finest plants in the world.

Our dyeing setup is equipped with the state-of-art soft flow with continuous tumble dryer processor. This gives a distinctive edge to our products. We endeavor to make use of new colors, from the milky translucence of a misty morning to the pale hues of a clear blue sky. Through highly sophisticated technology we are capable of reactive and vat dyeing on international standards.

The stitching division is equipped with sophisticated high-tech machines that can stitch terry fabrics and transform them into home textiles. We encompass a skilled labor force which is experienced in shaping our products into variable sizes and styles as per client’s requirements. Customer orders are thoroughly scrutinized to ensure compliance with customer specification before they reach their destinations.